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Who we are

2R S.r.l. is an international and independent organization providing global quality control, monitoring services, safety and technical consultancy.
• Since their establishment on 1984, the company has its Head quarter in Ravenna with sister companies, branch offices and partners all over the world.
• Management commitment is not limited for vision’s definition, strategies and policy but giving them for sure the right weight, we are able to:
  – to arrange structures available and skilled resources to support strategic plans and goals
  – it is also our main target the growth for a full satisfaction in lending their services.
• Since his establishment, 2R has always pursued the following objectives:
  – Client satisfaction through punctual evaluation of clients applications
  – Quality services offered monitoring effectiveness and efficiency in service performances;
  – Respecting laws and specific Clients rules
  – Organization efficiency and company resources
  – Direct contact with inspectors in order to improve involvement in activities developed by 2R.
  – monitoring the company's innovative processes, identifying previously their improvement;
• The company's milestone is to identify inside the clients requests the real expectations and needs of his own system, expressed in an unequivocal way to such requests can match a measurable requirement.
• Technical consultants have a wide range experience as a result of their collaboration with major contractors and/or with multinational companies in sectors of industrial manufactures, installation system and processes mainly in petrochemical installations , Oli & Gas On Shore and Off Shore.
• Our ability to provide the services are confirmed by the ISO 9001 certification from 2001


Quality Policy

HSE Policy

Organizational Structure

Quickly activation

Fields of activities

Energy application

General industry

Our head office

Personnel availability

A consolidated partenship

ISO Certificate


Quality Policy

• The Quality Policy is the milestone of Company Strategy, and continuously monitored by Management and shared to all its employers and collaborators.
• Employers are all invited to respect the followings objectives:
  1) ETHICS :
• As every organization wants, to have a future, ethics is the first objective carrying out the tasks, to wards everyone as Clients, Suppliers and Colleagues.
• It is of fundamental importance that Clients shows satisfaction. To reach this result 2R has invested in new research technologies to guarantee Clients supplies to vanguard products. Has invested besides on personnel formation, so that these can operate with the maximum Quality’s performance.
• Is founded on abilities that 2R has:
• - To identify clients needs design ,to plan and operate with services able to satisfy them;
• - Respecting contractual terms, production’s monitoring and service provision;
• - Respecting qualitative level required by clients.
• Inspectors and valuators who operate with 2R are trainable to know and respect norms regulations and contractual dispositions required from clients

 during execution of its own activities.

• Courtesy, professionalism and seriousness are fundamental requisites either near clients and during design activities.
• Maintaining an active relationship with suppliers based on trust and fundamental mutual availability for correct control of production and service provision and clients satisfaction.
• Production and service provision to clients is the output of processes developed by personnel, therefore being able to improve is necessary to pay attention to applications that arrive from Clients.
• Satisfying personnel operational through moments of listening allowing each to express their applications, suggestions and positive criticisms improving their own activities and work environment.
• Management examines periodically during Management Reviews validity of present Quality Policy in relations to possible operational requests changes and/or 2R development.



HSE Policy

2R S.r.l. is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for people who works in our organization ensuring that all business activities are conducted in a manner that is sustainable for the environment. These principles are translates in the following principles:
– Apply a preventive strategy to reduce the negative impacts on health, safety and environment reducing the risks for personnel, clients and society.
– Guarantee the efficiency of monitoring system and continuous improve HSE preventive measure.
– Guarantee the legislative conformity for HSE;
– Review periodically the HSE hazards analysis and treat the criticality to reduce the risks or impacts to acceptable levels.
– Communicate the 2R commitment to improve HSE condition.
– Reduction of waste of resources.
– Promote the culture and knowledge of HSE at all levels of the organization.
– Continual improvement of HSE performance.
General Manager are committed to the proactive integration of HSE objectives into the management system at all levels while the Board shall regularly review HSE performance.
All personnel operating for 2R shall be responsible for implementing and maintaining the HSE management system and proactively contribute to the optimization. Contractors and Subcontractors shall work in accordance with this policy and comply with applicable HSE
legislation. With proper audit activities about HSE our company shall be determine conformance to the management system.
Each one who works for 2R is the image of the company and is responsible to maintain and increase the trust and the respect that our name arouse. Working safely, in an environmentally appropriate manner using company rules are necessary conditions to perform the job.
Everyone is responsible for recognizing that by risking incident or injury, they are putting in jeopardy the future of our society.



Organizational Structure



Quickly activation

We can activate our service all around the word with a minimum notice
According the contract needs we make available a local structured
organization able to respond to Client request

Head Office:    Via delle Nasse 9,
48122 Punta Marina - Ravenna - Italy

phone: +39 0544 438103

fax: +39 0544 1699559

email: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Sister Companies:    Iran  2R Quality Services

Branches:    UK, Germany, France, Spain, Scandinavian countries, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, India, China, Korea. Japan, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Brazil, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Syria, etc.

Partners: Worldwide





Fields of Activities

Core Competences

• Third Party inspections

• Expediting activities

• Q&Q activities

• Quality control activities

• Quality assurance activities

• N.D.E. experts

• Coating experts

• H.S.E. experts

• Welding experts

• Training activities

• Vendor auditing activities

• Project management and consulting

• Material control and prevention

• Expertise in regulation and standards

• Technical dossiers emission

• Technical passport emission

• Risk assessment



Main Business lines

• Power generation
• Power transmission and distribution
• Petrochemical
• Oil & Gas
• Industrial  project and installations
• On/Off Shore



Energy Applications

Oil & Gas

• Upstream and downstream
• On and off-shore platforms
• Coastal and marine installations
• Petrochemical and chemical plants
• Tank farms
• Pipeline fabrication and erection
• Material and Welding technologies

Power and Electricity

• Nuclear Plants
• Power Plants
• Electrical systems
• Transmission
• Telecommunication systems




General Industry

Industrial installations

• Shipbuilding
• Plants and products
• Water treatment and desalination plants
• Water transmission and pumping systems

Call Center

• Planning of activities with Client Suppliers – Final Clients – Client’s Departments - 2R people
• Real time communication to our staff all over the world
• State of the art facilities to coordinate all the clients’ needs
• Customer satisfaction analysis
• Communication facilities:
– Telephone
– Fax
– E-mail
– Web (Chat, Form, Co-browsing)
– Mail



Our Head Office

Training Center

• New facilities and cutting-edge applicable knowledge
• Customized training courses
• One stop shop for modern training needs



Personnel availability



A consolidated Partnership


 ISO Certificate

Certificazione ISO

 “Our mission is to satisfy Client’s needs. Our pride is to contribute to social wellness"

General Manager














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